Hello everyone, New here and curious.

    So i got a tattoo on my lower calf around a month ago and this is far from my first one, Done plenty all over the body but this is the first one that got infected, It was done in a proper shop and everything.

    Went back to the shop when i saw signs of that something was wrong and then got sent to the doctor and did some blood tests, The infection healed of its own and i got anti inflammatory medication that i have finished and most of the tattoo seems to be ”rehealing” fine.

    What i am wondering about is that i have red streaks inside the tattoo where the ink should be black, Like miscolouring but at the same time not just your standard loss of ink and miscolouring.

    If anyone has seen this before and/or dealed with infected tattoos before, Could you share some light on the situation?

    Thanks in advance.



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