Hello everybody,


    My name is Q and I’m a beginner tattoo artist. I have 2 questions I would like answer or tips, if you guys would help me it would be awesome.


    So I had a good liner set up with my machine ( coil) was working fine between 6.7/6.8 v. I recently changed the machine cable into a new one and I see that now the voltage is way to fast as I see my machine spitting up ink on my paper. I reduced the voltage of course but I see now my lines are more shaky and not as big as they are supposed to be. I like to work with 9rl but the machine was then doing 5rl line. Plus the skin of my customer was shaking so much that it made be unsure doing my outlines. Any tips?


    Second question is, I have bought a Dan kubin V3 for doing lines as well as shading or coloring. Same thing here, setting up my machine à 6.2v the skin was shaking so much. Can anybody help?



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