Hi, all,

    I got my second tattoo almost three weeks ago (this Saturday marks three weeks) and I’m unsure if it’s healing properly or if something’s wrong with it. It’s located on the inside of my right bicep. It’s pretty wrinkled and raised, and while I know tattoos can take weeks upon weeks to heal, I just want a second opinion. I didn’t have access to lotion for a few days so I haven’t been using it, but I’m starting back up today.



    Tattoos, no matter how complicated, take about two weeks to heal completely. As your affected skin has not shown any sign of recovery until now, and your design seems raised, please contact a medical professional immediately. If there is an infection, he or she can stop it at the very outset. Look out for other symptoms such as nausea, headache, fever, thick discharge, etc.


    I have seen the photo of your tattoo. Don’t think it is healing properly. You should consider visiting a dermatologist at your earliest convenience.

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