Greetings to all! I would like to share some tattoo advice to anyone who is thinking about getting their first big tattoo. From my experiences, if you have an idea about a tattoo which requires a long session, the artist may offer to knock it out in one session. I would not advise this. As an artist myself, I tend to be lazy. If you would not wish to draw a picture for 6 hours straight, why would your tattoo artist? Do not let money or time get in the way of your tattoo.


Great advice. I did an 7 hours session for my first and the pain was crazy and I seen the artist getting very tired. I feel like he didnt do his best


I am planning on getting inked for the first time but excessively nervous about the entire procedure. Well, thanks to the author from very core of my heart as his advice has proven incredibly helpful, boosting my self-confidence to a great extent. Some other suggestions, which my well-wishers provided include taking breaks, cautiously observing sanitary conditions before scheduling appointment, bringing a friend for mental support, etc.


Thanks, bro for this amazing advice. It will help us to take the right decision.

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