I have a tattoo on the forearm and I would like to hear ideas from you all as to what I should I add to it. I currently have a rose and rosary. I would like for the theme to be about faith or anything else that brings hope. Thanks


    You can search internet for ideas. From various options readily available, tattoos that depict faith the best include semicolon, infinity symbol, anchor, heartbeat, etc. Dream catcher with a feminine essence represents hope. It catches good dreams and chases away nightmares. Flowers, heart, stars, birds, and verses from Bible are also excellent choices.


    You can obviously scan internet or consult your artist, who could provide ideas suiting your current tattoos best. Some designs specifically symbolising hope include anchor, which were initially etched by sailors, dream catcher, which has a feminine essence, flowers, which people prefer for versatility. A few designs that depict faith or treasure profound spiritual meanings include lotus, triquetra, semicolon, dove, cross, wave, and tree.

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