Hello, I want to tattoo my hands and this is how I will start.


No matter how easy it might seem, drawing tattoos without professional assistance is quite difficult, and trigger risks. For fake designs, you can use eyeliner, henna, or marker, all of which can be found in market. If you want to learn about the art seriously, please catch hold of essential supplies namely tattoo gun, needles, ink, towels, rubbing alcohol, bandages, and containers.



Your question is a tad bit unclear yet I am trying to answer it as per my capacity. Etching designs permanently on skin requires third party assistance. A licensed professional with disposable needles, vegan safe ink, rubbing alcohol, and other necessary supplies can do so without hassle. Trying this particular procedure on your own might trigger infections. However, if you want to draw a temporary tattoo on your hand, just draw outlines of a motif with eyeliner, and add talcum powder to keep smearing at bay.


Drawing an easy tattoo may not be as easy as it seems. If you are not a professional, then you should not try it on your own. You can use henna or marker to create a temporary design, but for a real one, you should visit a professional tattooist.

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