Hi there peeps, so Ive been drawing pretty much my entire life, ive taken some classes here and there but no degree in fine arts or anything. Anyways I have recently oddly become surrounded by tattoo artists in my life and I think for the first time I could actually become like an artist in my life and possibly not starve to death or wilt away in some design company creating brochures for some stupid company.

    So anyways here ive put together a little link of some example of my work (some is woodburned on guitars ive made). I just was hoping to get a feel for if i could survive in this tattooing world, if my skills are halfway decent enough to get an apprenticeship and start learning the ropes and stuff.

    Apprenticeship Portfolio

    Let me know what you guys think, thanks!


    Hi I like what you have done especially the surrealism.
    As for apprenticeship you need to bulk up the portfolio to show you can handle a wide aspect of drawing.
    I would recommend drawing from anatomy books especially hands (they are hard to master).
    Also get some fantasy, wildlife, butterflies, pagan and religious artwork etc.
    Also show potential employers different modes such as oil on canvas, chalk/charcoal etc.
    Most of all don’t get discouraged and keep trying.
    Take care

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