I am a highly experienced Piercer; Licensed out of Arkansas for roughly 2 years. I am currently doing a lot of research on different piercings, their aftercare, the different ways that different cultures piercer, and much more. I have got “Flat Punching” legalized in the state of Arkansas (the 2nd Strictest state with Body Modification in the United States), and I have done quite a few highly advanced piercings such as Nassallang, Rhino, Flat Punching, A plethora of exotic nipple piercings, and much more. Portfolio avaialbe upon request ONLY if someone is seriously interested. Also certified in Bloodborne Pathogens and Basic Life Support.  I am also a freshly Licensed tattoo artist, but I would not want to guest spot as an artist. Only a piercing artist.

Looking for information such as:

Where can I find the rules and regulations for an American Artist entering the EU?

Any recommendations on possible leads on any parlours that might accept a piercing guest spot.

Any other information that might aid me in my Journey of learning what different ways people are pierced across the world?


Thanks for your time, I can also be contacted at cody3231@live.com

Cody”Luci” N

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