Hi guys, i want a half sleeve japanese style tattoo. Black and grey tattoo

my idea is a samurai mask on my shoulder/arm and a hannya mask on my bicep with all the japanese stuff like sakura, a lotus with a little piece of water, a bit of wind ecc..

basically the things inside at the tattoo are: samurai mask – hannya mask – sakura(cherry blossoms) flower – lotus flower and maybe some kanji from the bushido code

what do you think about it?

the mask will be like this (with some changes) : http://www.tattoobite.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/samurai-mask-tattoo-design-2.jpg



I would go with color. (That’s my opinion)

210 inking hours and counting.

Tattoos are for the living. Tombstones are for the dead. Get a tattoo for yourself!


i know, but it’s not my style….i’m the black and grey guys 😀

maybe a black and grey with a little things with colour, like some flower or something similar….

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