I am obsessed with getting a large back tattoo.
Problem is i already have three seperate tats across the top. A Lilly with daughters name. A butterfly design with another daughters name. And a trible eagle with strength writen underneath.. All tattoos i got a while back, not knowing i would want more there.
My problem is coming up with an idea that will tie them in. And tie them together.
Plus having NO ideas to start with. I dont even mind if they follow a theme, just that it fits. And of course looks good.

So basically this is just a chance for any one to say what they like and throw some ideas around

Thanks 🙂


Pictures of what you have would be helpful….However, the best thing you can do is to contact an artist you like and let them come up with something for you, or at least they could tell you what might work.


It would help if you could post a pic so we can see exactly where these tattoos are placed on your back. There would be plenty of designs that would look nice with what you’ve all ready got. :):):)

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