So, just got my first tattoo done, and of course, I’m already planning my next one. 🙂 I have plenty of time to figure it out but I think I want to get a reverse of the tattoo I just got. You can see it on my other post.


I’d want it on the outside of my left calf but I’m still not sure what I can do to represent the opposite of my ‘skeletree.’ Jesse Rix will be doing it so I’ll make sure to get his ideas as well. I’ve been thinking of some sort of tree that would be the reverse of a weeping willow, but I’m not sure what type of tree that could be. I would probably want it to be in bloom so something very full of life, maybe a cherry blossom? But I don’t want some ‘fluffy’ picturesque scene either. I don’t know what could be the reverse of the skeleton though. I could do a skeletree but just as a cherry blossom but that doesn’t seem quite right. I’m just looking for ideas as what could be done as an opposite. Could be color or black & grey. Any ideas from the creative genius lurking around on this forum?

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