Just wanted to get some feedback from you guys as to what you think of this tattoo idea.

I was thinking about getting a double tattoo piece around the theme of truth and beauty.

I would get a tatt on the top of each thigh. The one on the right leg would have ‘truth’ written below it with like a collection of objects/symbols collected above it representing the quest for truth (a magnifying glass, a stack of books with an open one on top, perhaps a quill and ink, and maybe some antique scientific equipment – sextant etc), and the left leg would be the same with the object/symbols relating to the beauty of nature and life (perhaps a sunset, some roses, some nature, maybe a traditional style woman’s head in profile).

My reasoning behind the tattoo could make up an essay in itself, but essentially it is to do with what i perceive to be a dichotomy to my quests in life; the seeking of absolute truth and knowledge about the world (i am a secular humanist who adheres to an agnostic atheist ideology) and an appreciation of the beauty of nature, and indeed seeking out experiences of beauty (i very much believe that subscribing to some existentialist or nihilistic area of thought does not mean forsaking an appreciation for the wonderment of the universe we live in).

Now lets not get bogged down in some sort of religious, philosophical or otherwise debate here, but what do you all think about that as a general idea?

Any feedback/criticism welcome.


Laurence (Perth, WA)


my first question would be why the top of your thigh? is it because you have other tattoos and this is all the space you have left? because if you have other areas available there are places better suited for the amount of things you’re looking for. placement is entirely up to you of course but the tops of your thighs seems like an odd place especially as the only time you would be able to see your new ink would be while wearing your underpants of very short shorts lol

secondly, that is an awful lot of things to try to fit in all together! what with books and magnifyuing glasses and sunsets and rainbows you are trying to cram an awful lot in.

Next,the kind of style i would envisage for your “truth section” would be entirely different to the way i could see your beauty section going so you would need to be very clear on how you wanted them to look and whether they work well next to or in conjunction with each other.

Also, i dont think you need to incorporate the words “truth” and” beauty”, it makes it look like you are creating a list of pros and cons on your legs e.g. i believe this things to be true (enter objects here) and these things to be beautiful (enter objects here)

you mention your beliefs with regard to faith also but the items that you have listed dont really have any bearing on that that i can see, lots of scientists or people who read books or do math or like rainbows also believe in a god of some description so if it was meant to be “anti-faith” (cant think of another way to put it but you know what i mean) in some way then i dont think that this necessarily portrays that.

if you ask me i think that you could just do a beautiful sleeve full of really detailed black and grey scientific objects that you would find on a crazy old professors desk, like some broken reading glasses, a microscope pocket watch, books, compass, protractor etc and make it a science sleeve as many people would be inclined to think that adding the “beauty” aspect may imply that you are in some way conflicted on your opinions about whether to chose science or gods creation of beauty?

this is of course purely the way that i have read and interpreted your post and should in no way be taken that i am telling you what to do! lol i just had a lot of ideas etc running through my head as i tried to picture what you were after ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck and let us know what you end up with ๐Ÿ˜€


KittyKat, they are from Perth (Western Australia) apart from 3 weeks a year there is contest between Hell and Perth to see which is the hottest (and the smart people ain’t backing Hell). I also like tattoos that are partially hidden, so long as you can make out what is going on. If they are going to be frequently partially hidden I think less is best, go big and bold with just one theme for truth (Quill and ink sounds great).

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