I am thinking about getting my first tattoo that says “High on Adrenaline” but alot of people say it sounds funny.. just seeing what people think about it.. here is the link to pic that the font will be in.. U wont hurt my feeling if u dont like it.. just let me know all your opinions on it and where on my body would be a good place.. i was thinking on my back with a fox racing logo underneath



It’s a lame as shit cliché without a shred of individuality, reflection, or personal creativity.

But, hey, besides that, it’s a great idea.

Love. Peace. Metallica.



Nothing wrong with it but consider will you want to be wearing it in 20 years time? This is because unless very disciplined the body shape can change and it might become an ironic statement :p

Otherwise go for it.

Take Care


I think you will regret this about 27 minutes after you get it. Come up with something that represents who you are that is original and interesting.


Thanks for the reply’s.. I race dirtbikes, bmx, snowboard, and pretty much any type of extreme sports and i will definatly be doing the same thing 20 years from now lol im just trying to find something that represents that adrenaline rush i crave everyday i wake up… thanx for the replies and if u have any ideas please let me know!


Just dont do it.
I know what I know and I know that this is a bad idea.

Cornishtiger;77511 wrote:
Just dont do it.
I know what I know and I know that this is a bad idea.

All the above is good advice and I like this one!


Bad idea, try to come up with an original design.


If you do race for the adrenaline, don’t over extend it into a phrase, put Adrenaline underneath a fox racing logo. Yes it would be a bad idea if you just like fox or thought it was cool, but if you use fox on all your gear because you like it, if it’s a symbol of who you are now, you shouldn’t regret it. When you’re 50 and you can hardly see it anymore, it’ll bring back memories of your racing years, and how much you were an adrenaline junkie. If you really, really want it, you really feel like it’s who you are now, then you just tattoo’d a memory of your younger years on yourself and you can hold confidence in that.


I think it’s a really good idea to avoid company logos. You can get something of your own design that will give you the same feel, and not look cheesy to everyone else who sees it. The text you want doesn’t suit me, but I’m not you. The logo, however, is the thing I think you’re MOST likely to regret.

Also, I know why you think you’ll definitely be doing all of this in 20 years, but remember, you’re only one serious injury from being VERY wrong, and having a tattoo that will remind you of that for the rest of your life.

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