first, sorry this is my first ever post, but im excited about this. so i went for my first appointment and got a pretty substantial sized phoenix tat. just outline right now, next appt is for shading so i have awhile to think about it, but my question is, what colors do you associate with the phoenix? my original plan was to got with the reds, oranges, and yellows, with some purple for contrast. but after talking with some people they say that a phoenix should b purple and blue tones, some one even said green. so im just looking for everyones opinion on this. heres a pic of the outline.


Looks clean from what I can tell by the low-res pic.

I would simply go with my first idea if I were you.
Who is to say what color YOUR tattoo needs to be?
Annnnddd…I agree completely with your original color scheme anyway.

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I think The colour is bester, red oranges yellow and this tone.
like the sun…..is power


I would go with the original color scheme the phoenix is most associated with fire and rebirth from it’s ashes in my book and the oranegs, reds and yellows are the way to go in my opinion but like Jabakuba said it’s your tat do what you think looks best.

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