I’ve had this idea for a lower-back tattoo brewing in my head for a while. It would include a tiger and a snake (the Chinese zodiac signs of my parents) with a lotus in the background, and possibly kanji (?) below it. I haven’t drawn in a long time which makes me pretty rusty with a pencil, but I’m pretty good at Photoshop so I decided to search for some pics online and copy/paste them together to make somewhat of a reference for my tattoo.

Here are the original pictures I used:

And this is what I want it to look like put together. Don’t laugh, it looks pretty bad for right now =P

The characters mean (from left to right) “Older sister” “Younger sister” “Horse” “Monkey” (the Chinese zodiac signs of me & my sister. Yes, I used two different pictures which is why the right ones look thicker.) Please correct me if I’m wrong, though! I know the whole issue behind having tattoos done in a foreign language can yield to disastrous results if they’re not spell checked -__-

I’m planning on drawing this out on paper exactly how I want it, but I just wanted some feedback from fellow ink enthusiasts first šŸ˜€


I think you have an excellent start to a tattoo here. I like the dragon and snake and the flower, if done correctly, can really bring it all together. I would stop where you are now and go see an artist. Part of the fun is allowing your artist to put his/her spin on it. I’m far from a tattoo artist of any kind but I think it would be kind of boring to follow a drawling line for line.

As far as the letters go… I’m just not feeling it. I like the idea, I think it’s cool but looking at it here it just doesn’t look right to me. I would try to either work them into the design a little more or lose them altogether.


Thanks! The letters weren’t in my original plan…I just felt bad for honoring my parents through my tattoo but not my sister LOL. I was running with the Chinese zodiac idea but to be honest, I don’t want a monkey on my back (literally) -__-‘ I’ll probably end up leaving the letters out since I’m not fond of having a language tattooed on me that I can’t understand without Google šŸ˜›

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