What do you guys think about this tattoo (well similar anyways) but on a guy?


Apostle 228

if you want to get picked on and called a fag and whatnot, sure, get a bunch of little ponies on your back… you might as well get rainbows and unicorns with it as well.


Wow harsh reply.
I have a horse in my sleeve and I havent been picked on yet.


I was brought up to think that if you can’t say something nice then say nothing at all, I thought that was rather a harsh reply too. I quite like that horse design, but hey, I have a unicorn and a rainbow so what does that make me?



If you like horses or ponies or whatever get it done. All you have to worry about is that you get a professional artist who can really bring the portrait of the animal to life.

The only part of the tattoo I was not keen on was the black solid fill one but the rest were nice.

Lets be honest why would you get called a fag? Or be picked on for having a tattoo of a horse? It is no different to getting a tattoo of a dog or tiger.

The other thing I have often noted about the ultra macho types who do have a habit of calling everybody gay tend to be so far in the closet they might as well be in Narnia. So why pay any attention to what they say.

Personally i think it would make an awesome tattoo. My step-father has a huge horsehead tattoo and he has never once been called names over it.

Take care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.

Well, I’d leave out the ugly black one at least, and personally I’d like more fill around them (not just disconnected floating heads) but other than that it’s a fine tattoo. Perhaps you should bring your tattooist pics of your favorite horses (if you’re a breeder or trainer or owner or something) so it’ll be horses of your choosing and not just some random horses.

And Apostle, people that throw the word Fag around like you do fit under a pretty famous quote:

It’s better to stay silent and have people think you’re stupid, than open your mouth and prove it!

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myself i think i would have one large prancing horse than lots of smaller ones :rolleyes:

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I like the idea but I agree with Arnividar – they’re all a bit disconnected and disembodied in that one. I think it would be better to get one horse fully done or connect them in some way.

I don’t think it’s feminine at all. Jeez, before I looked at the image I’d got the impression that you had my little ponies or something from Apostle’s comment.

I think it’d be fine, but put it this way, if it causes anyone to call you a fag, then you have an inbuilt filter for recognising horrible people 🙂

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It’s a solid place to start from, but like other’s have said, the horse silhouette looks like shit, and the heads seem disconnected from each other rather than forming a complete work. Furthermore, I feel like the large empty space above their heads is distracting. I feel like the flow of the piece draws my eyes to the negative space there rather than the actual piece.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, it’s a good idea, but your artist is gonna need to start from the ground up.

As for being made fun of….grow up you fucking pussie. Seriously, are you in god damn middle school? Are you really so insecure with your own sexuality that it’ll bother you that someone might call you homosexual? Or do you think that homosexuals are lesser beings, and you’re afraid for being mistaken for being subhuman?

My man, you need to pull up your skirts, reach down, and find your balls, then go do what you want to do.

Love. Peace. Metallica.