alright so here’s a bit of background info, i have 2 tats so far, one on each shoulder blade. i have an angel (black and white) on my left upper back, and the phrase ‘to live is the rarest thing in the world’ tattooed on my right upper back in 2 lines, black, old english text, no idea what the font size is (it isn’t very big) – placement is below my right trapezius by a few inches. i wish i had photos to show you guys to give you a better visual idea but i don’t, sorry.

basically, i’m looking to expand this lettering tattoo and incorporate it into a larger design (obviously with pictures, not looking to add more words), as it’s starting to look a bit plain/isolated/whatever… the idea i had in mind when i first got it was to make it look very minimalistic and simple, but now i’m thinking that it could use some additional work and would look a lot better as part of a bigger design. therefore, need some help coming up with ideas on how i could expand it out into a larger tattoo, ofc following the theme/premise of the quote. i actually want to enlargen it quite a bit, wouldnt mind having it extend all the way to the top of my right trapezius or even to the top of my right shoulder, so i don’t mind incorporating multiple images/backgrounds into the design. everything should preferably be in black and grey. THE MORE ABSTRACT THE BETTER 😀

alright sorry for the long windedness, would really appreciate you guys’ input. thanks for any help in advance

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