Hey all, I’m looking for the Japanese tattoo enthusiasts here. I have a kitsune half-sleeve and I’m looking to expand around my body. However, I will admit I jumped into the half-sleeve without really planning the whole body suit. I had been hesitating for a long time and just wanted to get it started.

Currently I have an appointment scheduled for a half-sleeve on my other arm. However, my ideas for it were fairly random – phoenix or just flowers- and I really want to have a unified theme. Someone recently suggested doing another kitsune on the other arm (with different symbolic elements) as two kitsune often flank entrances to Inari shrines. This would allow me to expand the body suit with a unified Inari-oriented theme.

What are your thoughts on the double kitsune? What else do you think may pair well with a kitsune?

Thanks for your feedback!

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