Hello, i have those 2 images
    But i dont know exactly the meaning , except the memento mori where its means “remember your mortality” ..
    Maybe someone can explain me the meaning ?


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    Nice flash, lousy tattoos.


    @xtasy4element 137295 wrote:

    Hello, i have those 2 images

    You have these on you?


    The bottom one is something to do with the concept of time passing by without you noticing


    Last one means ” Time flies, like clouds, like vessels, like shadows” It’s from Georgics, a poem. A poem about agriculture. So there’s that.

    Now for the first one. Memento Mori does mean remember your mortality. Now, the tarot cards. “Eliphas Levi” was an occultist, who in great part incorporated tarot cards in his magic. So, not some grand saying in the middle one, just a name. He greatly inspired Aleister Crowley. Combined with the card of Death, the devil and the hanging man, it’s an odd one.
    The hanged man represents divinity, the card of death represents new beginnings/transitions, the devil represents more a connection to material objects and sin.
    So what you’ve basically got is an image with a ton of different symbols. The images on the cards themselves are basically all wrong if you consider traditional tarot cards and their meanings, so they can be interpreted in many different ways. Looks cool and satanic, but it honestly isn’t.

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