Eh yeah.. these are my drawings, I wasn’t sure if I was going to upload after seeing such amazing work by others but I though fuck it, I’ll never get good unless I have honest and brutal people like you tearing me apart! So please with all your might! There’s a couple to see of varying ages and I apologize for both the shitty camera pictures and my devart watermark thats on some of them.


    My very untrained eye so don’t take my comments on board too much, others will criticise or compliment you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really think to my eye that you do the realistic stuff quite well. I am told hands are quite hard to draw?? but you have done them very nicely.

    The portraits are also good.

    I really like the guitar one, the way you have let the colours merge and the smeared, smudged look ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also like the zombie first one ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hands are horrible to draw, i cant fucking stand them! that one took me like 5 hours to draw and it was done like 7 years ago, I dont think ive drawn many realistic hands since hahahah!

    The guitar is Frances Bean Cobain (well it’s meant to be) and was inspired by Lora Zombie’s Curt Cobain water colour, you should really check her out if you like the grungy smeared, smudged look. She has a book out I believe and lots of videos on youtube.

    The zombie one is the most recent save from the two little ones at the end, and was really just a fuck around that I finished but I really like the zombie hands I drew.

    Thank you for your input, however untrained an eye is your opinion still matters =)


    Okay, the three pics that caught my attention are the hand, which is very well done, and then the Live Lang And Prasper and the Cobain pieces, which aren’t.

    As a guitar man, the Fender you’re trying to draw on the Cobain one needs a lot of work. Take a look at the real shape of the body and compare yours:

    On the Live Lang And Prasper one the first thing that hit me was the font, and that the o’s are a’s and the r’s aren’t defined enough and look more like i’s without a dot on top. You also need to practice more with the linework and filler, because the letters are kinda contrasting with each other due to their thicknesses being so varied. Then I noticed the anatomical heart, which is.. dreadful, to be honest.

    Also, it may just be the angle and the hair and your artistic taste, but that wood nymph (or whatever that horny girl is) seems to have some proportional issues. The arm seems to be slightly too far bent out of the (missing) shoulder, and perhaps slightly too thin in comparison with the rest of her. Her face could be angled slightly better to the left (to me it seems that it should have started to curve further back again on her left (your right), giving her face an unevenness. Her breasts, then, have a slightly ‘off’ look about them.
    Then again, that may all just be what you want. God knows the human body is far from being ruler-straight.


    thank you very much ArniVidar.

    This is exactly the sort of stuff I am looking for in comments! Once I get some more paper in Ill re-do the pieces in question and some sheets dedicated to lettering, and human anatomy.

    I’d love my work to be ripped apart even more really get into the nitty and gritty of it, it’s one of the best ways to learn in my opinion, I’ll upload whatever I do to this thread so it’s not sprawled all over the place!

    Ill re work the guitars it’s one thing I’ve never been good at and I draw them often but I can never get it right =/


    Your drawings are good, i don’t think you will struggle to get a apprentiship! just don’t give up!


    @Wardy 123288 wrote:

    Your drawings are good, i don’t think you will struggle to get a apprentiship! just don’t give up!

    Oh if only this were true!

    I’ve been trying since I was 18… I’m 24 now… And it still doesn’t look hopeful but I’ll keep on going till I get where I want to be!


    Keep at it. You show promise.

    Keep us posted.


    Your people are very good. The heart live long and prosper and this one fbd94b17dda7faf9b854203546198c96-d52ohh1.jpg Should be removed from your portfolio. The line work on the one is all wonky and thats with a pencil.
    Keep drawing you do have talent. Have you thought about taking some art classes?


    Ok I will do that then, tbh this is a mix of a lot of stuff I have drawn many of it is not what I show people, but i will know for future refrence not to put them in. I have taken art classes, I have taken partical courses in your basic art and design college course and a HNC (i think it was) in Illustration, I’ve got my fingers crossed the now for getting into a HNC of fine or contemporary art. As far as stuff like life drawing classes or small like hour things in the community ican’t afford it at all. I’m very poor hah.

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