I’m tryin’ to put together some artwork to take in for a new apprenticeship. I’d like to know what people think and what to improve on, but a good ole pat on the back never hurts. lol


Well, I’m no artist, but that certainly looks like decent artwork to me 😎


Looks good to me as well, but I would definitely work on the hands (e.g. the 3rd image).


I’m definitely no art critic but it looks good to me. I especially like the Kermit one.



I definitely like all of these, well done!

#2 Eyes are killer for this picture, and when working with portraits, one small detail like that can mean disaster. You’re missing lighter shading and detail.

The right ear is also a good size bigger then the left one and stood out immediately.

Overall line work could be better in certain areas, a little more of a steady hand.

You’ve got some talent! Awesome work!



A good start and plenty of talent.

Again you need to work on proportions a little more (try sketching hands and arms from a mirror perspective).
I would also say the Budda would burst with some more shading or a bit of colour splash such as red.

You def have skill and for a portfolio I would recommend the following;

10-12 pieces properly mounted and on decent art paper, canvas etc (first impressions count).

Use a mixture of colour and black and shade pieces.

Also include examples;

Portrait (Human)

Japanese/Chinese Koi, Blossoms, Dragons etc

Animal pieces both head and body (Horses and big cats)

Fantasy Piece



Old school (Ships, Hearts, Anchors, Daggers)

Also don’t be afraid to do some religious artwork such as crucifixes, sacred heart, star of david etc

You have plenty of talent but have to show that you can work across a range of media.

If you have done any BBP courses have the certificates at the front.

Good luck


Looks pretty good to me but you want to see me draw lol


Thanks for the comments everyone. I’m gonna do some more pieces and try to expand my album on a daily basis. Thanks especially for the pointers, in my head you can’t improve yourself without people pointing out your flaws.


the best advice I can give is to take a class at a local art college,
working beside other artists you will really get to put your work inperspective,
you will also learn alot, alot of begining artists work by themselves, all the time, this doesnt help, you drive in bad habits and things you do wrong,
working with others you grow leaps and bounds

(this is how Brandon Bond treats the amazing talent at his studio All or Nothing in Marietta Georgia, the most published studio on earth, he puts a large group together, they draw off each other, everyone gets better)


I must admit, that baby is just killing me. The composition isn’t making any sense to me. For me, it looks like a baby’s head, sitting on top of some weird giant’s ice-cream cone or something. What’s that stuff to the sides of the baby, why is it tightly wrapped in a blankie or something, and where are it’s shoulders and arms? The body almost tapers straight down from the neck.


I definitely agree with Sherav about what you need in a portfolio.

What I would say about these drawings is that you need more values and contrast in your artwork. To quote Brandon Bond- “When you think you’ve got enough black in a piece, put more in.”

Black makes tattoos. It makes them pop out. Don’t be afraid of it. Also when you use color try to use complementary colors to make your designs really reach a whole new level.

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