Hello, I got this tattoo on a whim(silly I know), and am not happy with it. The artist was not able to do what I asked and left me with a poor quality tattoo. I am planning on covering it up, and working with a different artist that understands me better. I have a consult set up and would like to go in with some ideas. Any help is much appreciated. The new design does not have to be symbolic but just representative of something that makes me happy. I also want to keep the tattoo fairly modest in size. A few things I like are, the moon, roses, cats, galaxy designs, and colorful hair. Thanks!

EDIT: I’m not sure how to add a picture, but I’ll try to find out.
EDIT 2: I made the tattoo I want covered up my avatar. Sorry, I’m new to forums.


What you have there are a bunch of big black spots. Anything you try to cover it with will be large and dark. laser it a couple of times first or you’ll end up with half your forearm covered before you know it. if you don’t laser it, whatever you get next will be large thick and dark.

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