Hey everyone!

If anyone reading this can throw some ides at me that would be great! I have three tattoos that I currently want to connect as a whole. The only problem is that they are all different styles. Each has meaning and each was done at a separate point in my life, but I now want to connect everything.

Needless to say it will have to be a pretty big piece.

My first tattoo is located on my upper left shoulder. It’s about 3 inches long, cursive text reading ‘ The ones who love us, never truly leave us’ with a dandelion beside it.

The second is a bunch of flowers on my left ribs. Dimensions I’m not too sure on. This one is in color. Lillie and daisies. Colors are yellow and red predominantly.

Last is one on my lower right quadrant of my back. It is a solid black silhouette of a centaur. That one is around 2 inches by 3 inches.

I’m not too sure how to go about it. The tattoo doesn’t need special meaning but I ereally want a piece that will make them look ok together.

If pictures are needed I can always send them out.

Thanks a bunch guys!


Easy. Get your whole back done.


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jerry’s right. Get your whole back done.

You can’t go wrong with flowers, and bright colors too!

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You’ll be hard pressed to connect the one on your ribs with the two on your back. As suggested by Jerry, a full back piece would be the only way if you want it to look good.

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Maybe instead of getting your entire back tattooed you could consider joining the separate pieces with some sort of train of thought coming from a brain tattoo, or a ekg of a heartbeat coming from your heart and connecting to the other tattoos. The thing that really unifies them is you as a person, being made up of many things, and they can stem from the heart/soul of your personality.


OR… Forget the hippy shit and listen to the guys and go full back piece.

Go hard or go home I say!!!

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