Story: Traveling has had a HUGE impact on my life in terms that it has helped me value and understand other cultures and has helped me grow as a person and become more independent. I am also currently battling cancer so I would love to incorporate that as well since it is another thing that has greatly affected me.

Location: Behind my left shoulder

I love color (I have two stargazer lilies & two butterflies on my lower back with swirls coming out) and would hope to semi-match my existing tattoo. It doesn’t really have to match match but I would love for it to compliment it on my back.

An organic feel (such as organic swirls) or anything that is “fancy” looking feels like it would look good, but I’m open to anything. Hope you can help!

Thanks 🙂


Welcome to the forum!

I really like colorful tattoos too.

Birds travel, carpenter bees are solitary thus signify independence, and marijuana is a possible cure for cancer.

Work these items into a design, or just get a real nice tattoo without any significance other than it’s a great piece of art. (tattoos don’t have to have a story)

Keep us posted, and we like pictures!

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Forget about the quote. You will get bored really quickly of having to hold still to let people read it. (I never let anyone read mine any more, it was for me anyways.)

A map or compass, or something like a few postcards could signify travel. And if you already have some flowers, look up the meanings behind some of your favourite flowers, you might find one that is beautiful and is appropriate.

Or the best idea, first find a REALLY GOOD ARTIST and then tell them exactly what you said here. They do this every day and will likely give you a more inspired idea than you, or we, can come up with.

Good luck, and please come back with pictures of what you get!

Also, good luck with your treatments. I wish you good health.

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