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    I’m new to these forums, so I’ll introduce myself first as Luke. I live in Michigan, and currently have 3 tattoos. I have a cross piece on my back I got right around my 18th birthday, and 2 hebrew-text tattoos located on my right wrist and one on my chest over my heart. Now that I’ve slowly accumulated these over the past 2 years, I’ve decided that I would like to start a half sleeve, which in turn will eventually turn into a full sleeve. As far as styling goes, I am one most would deem a hipster. I love black and gray, and appreciate color but I don’t think it’s for me. I want this tattoo to illustrate the struggles of the past few years or so, and my journey and growth. I went south my junior year of high school and got heavy into partying. I got big into drugs and even dealt for awhile. I’ve seen some pretty bad stuff and I’m much older than my age would suggest. I was a pastor’s son, so I was always raised in a faith background. I have 2 younger sisters whom I adore more than anyone. My father and I never got along and he was abusive. However, my parents split which in turn forced my dad to resign and he now has started his own business. We don’t talk, and as far as I’m concerned never will. Within the last year I have grown much stronger and stepped up as the man in the house. Money is tight, but money is fleeting anywho. I’m looking to get a half – 3/4 sleeve that represents this journey, struggle, and now sober lifestyle I am choosing to live. As being said earlier, I’m a big hipster. The thought of going back to college leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I want this sleeve to really show who I am. I have already decided on an artist. I will be getting my tattoo from Earl Cronkright out of Body Armor tattoo in Kalamazoo, Mi. He is an awesome artist who’s work I have really appreciated. I know I want the sleeve to have 3 roses – 1 for my mom and 1 for each of my sisters, and to represent my love for them. Now, I am also thinking I’d like a tree of some sort, to represent the growth I have gone through. I also think it would be cool to incorporate an owl, perhaps a ship, a compass, etc. Any help or ideas you all could give me would be much appreciated, as I cannot draw to save my life.


    Welcome to the forum!

    The things you mention, black and grey, text, hearts… Those are not for me. But I do know trees. A Joshua Tree grows in desert climates. It struggles to grow through hard, parched, rock and ground. It becomes a beautiful tree. When they grow in lava beds the trunks become twisted from their struggle to survive.


    Welcome.. You and Earl need to sit down and bounce your ideas off of him and see what he comes up with. You shouldn’t have to draw a thing that’s Earl’s job


    I stopped reading that wall of text when my eyes started to bleed. Paragraphs are good!

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