Been after an idea for a while now and a lyric the other day really clicked with me, but after a week or two of thinking about it I still can’t turn it into an image/design, would like to see peoples takes on the idea.

The lyric is ‘I might be leading the way, but you will always be my light’

The meaning behind being having someone (other half) to help and guide me through some really tough and confusing situations.

Would prefer something with a more traditional/neo-traditional feel to it, but I’d be open to anything if the idea works well.

Any suggestions at all would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


Immediate thought to me would be a lighthouse. But it really depends on what you’re looking for. It could be too cliche. Maybe something to do with the stars as throughout the centuries people have followed the stars to get places. Good luck!


That’s a really cool idea iggybuddi. I thought of the lighthouse thing too initially, but wasn’t 100% on it. The stars thing I’ve never been sure about, maybe using nautical ones if I could tie them into another piece, not sure I’d want them on their own. I then found a load of pictures of old-school candle lamps, which look awesome as tattoos, so I’m now thinking something with one of those lamps, some roses and a couple of nautical stars for surrounding, anyone else got any suggestions?


Sounds like you’re headed in the right direction. I like the candle lamp idea. I had thought about an “Aladdin” style lamp, but those are usually used to symbolize educational themes.

Good Luck



Hmm, not sure that type of lamp is what I meant, but it ould look cool under the right context.

I really like this:


So something along those lines, plenty around the lamp itself, stars, roses, maybe wings if they could be made to fit correctly, a crown if at all possible, but with the central theme of the lamp.

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