Long story short, didn’t get the greatest tattoo. In case you are interested in the meaning. It represents Isaiah 40:31, a Bible verse that references eagles.

Before I go wasting my time contacting artists, is something that is possible to redo and refine?

I like what I have, just not how it looks. I’d like to keep the same elements. I just don’t know if it’s possible to redo or if there is too much ink there, also, does color cover up black? I would be fine with turning the tattoo into a better color tattoo of the same general idea.

Any opinions are great because I simply don’t know what my possibilities are.

*The eagle could be cooler, but it’s fine. The biggest issue is the messy looking clouds above and the plain unattached water below.



You can only cover it with darker colors. There is nothing darker than fresh black ink, but once the black fades, whether it be through laser, sun, or simply aging, you can cover it with a darker color. Make sure you choose an artist who is experienced with cover-ups.

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