alright. I got a cherry blossom branch on my left shoulder blade about five years ago. unfortunately I was thinking a little too naive back then and I allowed the artist to draw the flowers cartoon-y instead of have it look real.

so I was wondering how I could make it look real. I’d like to get a full cherry tree on the rest of my back, connecting to the branch. but keep in mind I have a tribal tattoo on the other shoulder blade so I’m planning on have it twist onto my side instead of my lower back.

thanks in advance for any suggestions. and this is my first post here, so I’m not quite sure if I’m posting in the right thread. if not, I apologize!

the tattoo I have::


what I want it to look like::



the only real solution is to get some laser treatments and then cover it up.


You could go for some lazer but looking at that picture the tattoo look’s quiete light so i think you will be able to cover, all depends what color you want it really.


Yes u can cover, but not with a realistic cherry blossom.

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