hey, im really interested in getting a tattoo, but no where seems to have what i want, i was wondering if you know anyone that could sketch up a design? im looking for a Japanese themed tattoo, a half sleeve, and for it to go over my chest, with a koi carp in it and a lotus flower, i dont want it too busy or too colorful maybe the background black and white and the koi carp and flower in colour. i really like the idea of the Japanese sun on my shoulder aswell, i would very much appreciate it if someone would be able to do this for me, thanks


Here’s what you do pal:

Find a reputable tattoo shop, go in, speak to an artist, and tell him exactly what you told us. Drawing your design up is part of the fee you pay your tattoo artist, it’s not an imposition or an extra. It’s quite literally part of the job. And it’s not like you’ll get a discount if you don’t use this part of the service.

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to be perfectly honnest with you, i doubt you will find anyone on a forum to draw up something that big just for the fun of it…
any tattoo artist should be able to draw it up for you if you go in and see them, they may charge you a small drawing fee but that will be deducted from the price of your tattoo when you get it done.
they will keep the design and not le you take it away as they wouldnt want someone else to do it after their hard work of coming up with a super design, like KH said, its part of the service, and if they cant draw it up then find an artist that can because if they cant draw it then they aint worthy of tattooing it !!

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Usually you will have to pay the pecentage of the piece you are getting, and that is insureing that he doesn’t spend two days on your piece, and you never come back. I don’t know how most of the other guys do it, but we charge 20% down of the tattoo price, just to draw. If you like the design, but dont get the piece, you paid for a piece of art. Usually we have the client come in and proof the design a couple of times, and then when they say its what they want, they get it.


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