I just wanted to get input as to what I can do to cover this……


My artist (http://www.artrageink.com/Art_Rage_Tattoo_Studio/Tattoos/Pages/Jo_Santos.html#5) said he can cover it, but I’m not sure exactly what to cover it with.

The whole reason I got it in the first place was to cover self injury scars. I had Quod me nutrit me destruit (What nourishes me destroys me) done in the black, but it didn’t cover the scars…so had the red to put more into it. Everything is covered but it looks like ass. I would like to keep the idea behind the reason why I got it, which is that even though I was nourished by my cutting, it was really destroying me. I wasn’t ashamed of my scars, but since I’ve stopped (over 2 years without it!) I really want something beautiful to mark that time as over.

Any ideas???
Thanks in advance!

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