I heard that Mr. Bill O’Reilly is blaming Hip Hop music and DMX for the dog fighting incidents with Michael Vick. I dont know how true this is though.

    My Opinion: How are you going to point the finger at someone/something because of another mans actions? Michael Vick is a grown man and he is a millionare, so you mean to tell me that Hip Hop music influenced him to do such? I think that is BS!!

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    Ganguro Gal

    Because Bill O’Reilly is a fucking idiot.

    MR. Cadillac Jones

    Yea, I totally agree with you on this one. DMX has absolutely no influence on Micheal Vicks decision to have total disregard for these dog’s lives. He is a sick and very evil person. These players feel they are above the law, because of their fortune and fame. I believe the new commissioner is going to carry a big stick on this one. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Atlanta Falcons released Vick. He is a problem just like his brother was in college.

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