I met this guy on a forum, I told him straight up “damn you’re hot too bad I’ve already got a fuck buddy and I don’t like to sleep around” well he convinced me to come over pretty easily (I’m ez for guys with tattoos, fuck me right?) and awesome sex ensued. I sent him a couple of texts later (literally like 2 or 3) completely ignored, but he’d text me only ignoring what I said earlier, and going on about something unrelated. Well that shit pissed me off so I decided two can play that game. Over a week and a couple texts from him I gave in (did I mention awesomeness) he’s like come over later tonight, I asked him to be more specific as 9 is late to me. My text was read and ignored, I sent another as sometimes my texts fuck up, read and ignored again. I am aware it’s a booty call, I am simply not capable of being in a relationship right now, he knows that, I guess I don’t understand how someone could be so rude, I’ve got a considerable amount of male friends, none of them would be that rude ever. What gives?


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What gives?

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I’m ez for guys with tattoos

Isn’t this pretty self explanatory?

He’s a fucking dickhead. Move on.


Yeah if he reads and doesn’t respond then it doesn’t sound like he cares too much even about the booty call. There are plenty of other tattooed guys out there that maybe need a bit more attention than he did and you will be wishing he would leave ya alone ….all up in your business. So find someone in the middle. the sweet spot. jesus

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He obviously isn’t going to give you the time of day so move on.


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Isn’t this pretty self explanatory?

He’s a fucking dickhead. Move on.

pretty much this /


I don’t understand the question?

A man is treating you like shit so you move on to one that doesn’t. Where is the doubt there?

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