You know what I wish I did so many things before. I know it may sound crazy, but I wish that I lost my virginity at age 13, tried to drink at 13 etc. Instead I tried alchol when I was 15 and lost my virginity when I was 16.

    However, all this stuff is to late now, but I just don’t want to make the same “mistake” anymore;) Do you guys over 20, what would you wish that you had done when you were 20?

    My list so far:

    -Have a threesome
    -Fuck a milf
    -Try bungee jumping and parachute jumping



    to be honnest with you, i had done all i wanted at the time i wanted and wouldnt change any of it except possibly for one thing. at the age of either 19 or 20 i had the offer of a lifetime with a friend who had spray booths for customizing …. he offered me a full time position running the mural painting side of things in his new garage up in London. The only thing that put me off was going to live in London, so i turned the offer down…
    I continued with the customizing in my spare time and even had a 3rd place show winner for some work i did on a hgv truck unit.
    But when i think about it, yes i regret it to some degree, but then again i would not have met my wife i have now and the 4 wonderful kids we have together.



    The stuff I have done by 20-222 I am trying to live down or forget.

    My one regret is that I did not do a tour of the states with my brother before he died. I had the chance but there was a really hot woman I was dating and I thought I had all the time in the world to do it.

    I was wrong. ๐Ÿ™

    I did the tour aged 31 in his memory but whatever you have on your list – get it done as you never know if you will have a another shot at it.

    Take Care


    I have no regrets and no wishes of what i couldve done, as id done a fair bit before i was 20 lol, and at 20 got my life on track, kicked the drugs and got real! Actually when i look back i have no regrets or wishes, i wouldnt be who i am today if i hadnt done the things i did.:D


    Hey 1. had a 3some
    2. never was into milf’s always went for the girls a lil younger than me
    3. parachuting a lil to extreme for me but i did ride the bunjee jump ride kinda of thing at kennywood.

    Only regrets i have was bein a jackass an screwing around an gettin arrested an doin 6mths in jail.


    I wish I had gone to art school right out of high school, instead of bowing to parental pressure and pursue a degree for a career I knew I’d hate. For that matter, it would have been cool if I’d had the inner strength at 15 to take art classes in HS rather than putting my pencils away for so many years.

    Then there was all the booze, the weed, the acid, all those cigarettes, those fights, girls, women when I was older, all those wasted days and weeks blurred out, lost…

    Those were cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

    John Green was once asked what advice he’d give his younger self if he could go back in time and do so. He said that if he gave himself advice back in the day to avoid certain pitfalls, he’d become a different person and inevitably fall into other pitfalls, which would force him to go back again and give himself a different advice, so all he’d advice his younger self is to avoid hairgel.

    He’s right you know–if I became a serious artist when I was young, yes, I’d be a tattoo artist right this moment, but I’d also not have my wonderful wife, or be, quite frankly, made up of awesome. So, n/m. I’m cool as is.

    Love. Peace. Metallica.


    I gave up a chance to live, work and party in australia with a buddy for 6 months for a sports car and a big breasted girl. The car was alright but I spent 4 years of hell with the big breasted girl!!


    Hahahahahaha sounds like life the pal.

    Im 20 in a week or so. things I wish I’d done before now… had DMT and discovered the beatles, hendrix and psycadelics at an earlier age.

    I also wish I’d done something with my life as it is apparent Im going to be the way I am now for the rest of my life as I enjoy it too much and Im too lazy to change for the better of my health. All gotta go someday.


    LOL @ fuck a MILF ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    im a mum ๐Ÿ˜‰ ROTFL


    Milf alert


    You know this Milf thing…

    Well when I was 18 I was ‘seeing’ an older woman who gave it the yes I am married but he works abroad a lot.

    I recall the panic when I heard that car door slam outside – with her going oh shit my husband is home a week early ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Ever spent 4 hrs in a wardrobe (praying do not get a change of clothes) ๐Ÿ˜€

    Kinda killed the whole thing for me.

    Take care


    Dude….you are a god!

    I must come sit at your nobel feet and learn the way to enlightenment!

    Love. Peace. Metallica.

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