Hi everyone! I’m a new professional tattoo artist, I have been at my shop for about 7 months. During that time I’ve worked really hard and have progressed pretty fast so a lot of people and friends want work done. My concern is that the “friends” that want tattoos from me have all been the same…

1. Convince me that they don’t need to make a deposit because “it’s me, of course I’ll show up” and they cancel without any warning.

2. Expect a discount

3. Seem to consistently be overly picky and change the design 2-3 times.

4. Give me a hard time about my prices (even if I do give them a discount)

5. Get super butt hurt if I mention any of the above.

I’m looking for advice or tips from artists that have experienced this bs. It’s super frustrating for me and I’m developing a lot of resentments and impatience towards everyone… I’m at the beginning of my career, gaining a lot of clientele and don’t want to blow my  reputation because I’m pissy and stressed. Please help

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