So Ive had my spektra edge x For about a year now I have had no issues with it until a couple days ago I was doing a tattoo and it started cutting out within about 30 minutes just completely stopped working altogether what’s weird is that I run my coil machine with a different clip cord Then I run my rotaries with but on the same power supply and it works just fine so I had a guy from a local shop come and sell me the same exact tattoo machine and within minutes of tattooing with it it started doing the same thing my spectra edge X was doing right before the motor went out so I’m just trying to figure out what it might be I doubt it’s the machine because the new machine that I just bought was doing the same thing that the badd machine was doing right before it died on me and when I hit the foot switch on my rotary machines the LED screen  On my power supplygoes blank during the time my foot is on the pedal so if anyone could please help me out with this and figure out how to fix it or figure out what the source of the problem is it would be greatly appreciated thank you kindly!!!

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