Judgment Time

We have up for grabs a free copy of Skulls Book Volumes I and II Worth $59.90

Many thanks to David Grant for providing us with the two books as a prize.

Read our Review here

Please see the options for the voting below and make your decision.

We were originally just going to post the 5 best of all the seconded tattoos but as there were only 7 in total we have decided to include them all.
Also thanks to Gsouder for seconding almost everyone 😉

The poll will also run for 1 week with the winner being announced on the following Monday.

First prize is 2 x Skull Books

Second and third prize is the big tattoo package at http://www.targettattoo.com


First up is Amanaman11 Seconded by Lexusmexicano


Second up is MrSultan531 seconded by Jlin


Third is Gnarly seconded by Gsouder


Fourth up is Yodaddynukka seconded by Gsouder


fifth up is UK Carl seconded by Gsouder


Up Sixth is wby300 seconded by AhshKoshBGosh

Last but not least PoxPhobia Seconded by me

Get your votes in now!!

looney bin escapee

WHAT?! No centipedes? For shame!!!


3 days remaining and Yodaddynukka is in a good lead at the moment

cmon the rest of you get your friends on here and get them to vote for you too.

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