Hi Mods et all,

I seem to have a syndrome that makes my posts disappear with no explanation. I know that there are rules on here but I was not aware that I was breaking any of them. The problem is that I forget which posts I already replied to (maybe this syndrome affects memory too?) and I’m afraid that sometimes I repost my point with no knowledge of my previous post only to have it deleted again making me look like a petulant child. It would be nice to get a PM when my post is deleted so I know what the issue is and therefore can correct it. It doesn’t have to be an essay and can be as short as “don’t be a dick” but some indication of what happened would be helpful.

I hope my syndrome is not life threatening or contagious. Please give me some medical advice and some ointment to paste on my hurt butt.


yours truly,

G *cough cough* Souder


when any of us mods delete things it leaves a marker up for the others to see, i have had a look around but i can not see any posts of yours that have been deleted ??

IF YOU ARE A NEW MEMBER THEN CLICK HERE and introduce yourself out of courtesy
this is a community for interacting not just an index search system for frequently asked questions in the tattoo world….

same here. have had a look and cant find any of your posts in deleted pile.

any examples?

or maybe its the way you are looking for them?

if you go to your profile and click on statistics you can see all the posts you have made so far. are they in there?


Sherav and I have talked this over via PM and it’s all taken care of. He deleted a post that was, in my opinion, hilarious but in retrospect might have started a shit storm or made someone feel uncomfortable. I’m in complete concurrence with his actions and I know what not to do next time.

I feel so…. Spanked. : )

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