Jason Mccillen, a father of two, tattoo enthusiast, the co-owner of Studio Mayhem Tattoos and just a genuinely nice guy. Based in Whittlesey, Studio Mayhem inherited its name from the chaos of their studio, but with humour like Jason’s you can’t really expect any different. Here’s what happened when we spoke to Jason about all things weird tattoos, his career and more!

Hi Jason, thanks for taking the time to be interviewed by us. Introduce yourself and tell us a random fact about you! 

“My name is Jason Mccillen, I started tattooing nearly 9 years ago, this year. A random fact about me? I’ve got a shocking portrait of the comedian Rufus Hound on my leg Haha was a bit of a drunk mistake.

How would you define your tattooing style?

Black and grey realism

How many tattoos do you have (if you can count them)?

Not a f**king clue to many and they all hurt.

If you could be tattooed by any artist in the world who would you pick?

Oooh that’s a hard one, I’d love a Bob Tyrell piece

What’s the most awkward thing that has happened to you whilst tattooing?

“Haha this is an easy one, was a bit of a mental day throughout, right I had this dude come in and he walked in and across his forehead he had MAD NICK in massive script we started chatting about what he wanted and he said I want something for my dad he’s from Northern Ireland, I joked and said how about a balaclava and laughed, only for him not to laugh but just stare me down in silence… so it was a bad start to the day. Anyway we moved on and he decided on a 6 inch full-colour Peppa Pig on his stomach… once again I was like ok this guy is a nutter, and this is where it gets really odd I’m tattooing away and he starts to get really restless then he stops me sits up and says to me “man you know when your just horny and want to fuck something I’m restless like that” he then asks can he pop to his van at this point, anyways he returns about 10 minutes later, I’m guessing he knocked one out in the van haha, he sat the rest of the tattoo after that.”

Strangest tattoo you’ve ever been asked to do? Did you do it?
This wasn’t actually me but one of the dudes I worked with had some weird trench coat dude come in and ask for a porn leg sleeve, he even had a little binder with him of a load of porn he wanted! But no he didn’t end up doing it. 

What/who influences your art?
“I think just my love of tattooing, in all honesty, I don’t think anyone or any one thing influences my art.”


Favourite tattoo you’ve ever done (if you can pick one)
“Hmm, that is a tough one if I had to pick probably a Michelle Phifer. Catwoman, I did on a batman sleeve.”

What made you open your own studio?
“The guy I was working for dropped a huge chair rent increase so myself and one of the other guys decided to open up on our own, that was 6 years ago now and best decision I’ve ever made in life.”

Finally, which tattoo artists would you recommend?
“The dude I work with Aaron Ratcliffe is insane at cover-ups it’s like magic I still can’t grasp how he does it.”

Haha, don’t tell him that though he’s still a cunt.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Jason, it’s been an experience that’s for sure!