This was my first tattoo that I got last year (it’s on my wrist if you can’t tell!). I want to update it a bit as it was never quite what I wanted (I wanted it to be simpler without all the dots). I want to keep with the snowflake theme but maybe add some more to make it look a bit better. I can’t have anything too big as I am a healthcare practitioner. I’m so unartistic I need some help! 感谢🙂



Hello and welcome to the forum!

Can I ask that you please don’t create duplicate threads in multiple areas of the forum, one is enough thanks.

As far as your tattoo goes, I highly suggest finding a great artist and asking their advice on how to expand your tattoo. We can give you some ideas but a competent artist will know better than we will what will work best and what fits your needs.
Doesn’t cost you anything to walk into a shop and have a chat.

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