好, so I’m gonna make this short and sweet. There are two tattoo designs that I’m looking at to get. I have an example of both, but want to change a few things on them. I have went to a few local tattoo artists, but their drawing weren’t what I was looking for.

The first tattoo I’m looking for a design to is basically a very similar version of this tattoo only with the American flag. The designs I have gotten from artists have been circular when I stressed that I wanted it square.


I would like to keep the crayon look of it. And would like it to be around 3tall and 4.5wide. The tear design doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but I would like it as close as possible because it would show the American flag pretty well.

With the other I would like it to be roughly 1.5tall by 2.25wide. I would like the border to be a simple woodland camo around 1/4thick all the way around. The letter don’t have to be changed, I like the rough look of design.


Thanks guys and gals for any help.


Find a better artist and tell them what you want

And that first tattoo looks horrid, good idea though


go big or go home


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go big or go home


dayammm that is one ugly tattoo!

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