ہیلو, i am looking for a tattoo artist who can do great floral work. Its for my gf who is turning 40 in sept as a bday present. The potential problem is, it would at first be completing and redoing existing work which she is very unhappy with(i know many tattoo artists wont do this), obviously why she hasnt been back to the same tattooists ( i wont say who ). I know getting these sorted and looking good will mean a great deal to her and will lead to much more work from the artist who can fix these tatts. کوئی مدد, advice or genuine recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also my gf has suffered from depression for years and to say she isnt looking forward to being 40 is an understatement. I know getting her tatts fixxed will lift her spirits so much. She has started a half sleeve on her right arm and needs the flowers shading and colouring, and possibly extending all round and into the back. She also has floral and butterflies on her bum and lower back