Гей, хлопці!

A little over a year ago I began to write a fantasy book (I’m a creative writer). It became heavily inspired by Norse Mythology (and Vikings), and thus my fascination for it began. A few weeks ago I finally bought a book on Norse Myths and I’ve begun reading it. I love it so far! проте, when I finish, if I am so inspired and so in love with the stories, I would love to get a tattoo of it. I just think the stories are so creative, beautiful, тощо.

I was searching for some tattoo ideas when I found this: http://tanathe.deviantart.com/art/celtic-knotwork-Yggdrasil-211521336

It seemed too perfect! My favorite music style is Celtic, I LOVE Irish accents, and I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. Norse Mythology mixed with Celts? Yay!

проте, this design is a back tattoo. I don’t want this specifically (it’s a little too tribal for my tastes) and I’d prefer some feminist flow to itBut that’s the basic idea.

I’ve never been tattooed before, and I’m pretty scared of needles. But I do have a high pain threshold, and if I’m paying for it, I’ll just stick it out. Although I’ve heard the spine can be pretty brutalThat scares me.

проте, I have a few questions.

First of all, for a first tattoo, how do you think I’ll do? Can anybody describe the pain in their own experience?

Secondly, how will this tattoo age? I know people saylive in the moment”, but this is with me forever, and I want to make sure that when I’m a wrinkly old lady it won’t be disgusting. (I do stay out of the sun as I have an allergy to it. If it is exposed while swimming, хоча, then you can bet that there will be some pretty high SPF sunscreen on). також, I’m only 20 (майже 21). I plan on having children. It’s in the back, so I imagine childbirth won’t affect it much?

Thirdly, and finallyAbout how much do you think a tattoo like this would cost? Дякую! 🙂


Firstly I dislike tribal as do most on these forums lol and from your post so do you!

I love fantasy books and art and think its a great idea specially with the story behind it 🙂

I started recently with my first tattoo and it was a back piece. To be honest and everyone is different, it wasnt painful for me. A few areas that are soft felt at the worst times like hot skin lol My description sucks!

It doesn’t hurt as bad as people say so no need to worry. You can take breaks or do sessions your comfortable with.

Trust me having babies will hurt more 🙂

As you said you stay out of the sun and you will use good sunblock and that is about all you can do except covering up and generally taking care of it.

When you are a wrinkly old lady I am not sure it will still be looking non disgusting lol It will probably look shit but who cares then lol

Costs depend on how complex your design is, how far you are travelling, colour or B/G.

My back will be costing me around £10,000£12,000 maybe a bit more.