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Our Services

Our goal is to provide a community for Tattoo and Body Modifications enthusiasts, those working in the industry and the suppliers that support them. To do this we provide the products and services described below.

The Tattoo Forum Discussion Forum

The discussion forum section of the website allows people all over the world to post questions, ask for help and share their experiences.

We provide a image upload and gallery area for sharing original photos and allow these to be shared easily within the forum threads and topics.

We provide a personalised feed of activity based on the friendships you make on the forum and your own activity.

We use the data we have about your activity to personalise your experience.

There are many ways to express yourself on the forums to communicate with people directly via messaging, by writing an activity update onto your personal feed, by adding content in the form of a forum post or a gallery image and sharing this.

We show you ads, offers and sponsored content to help you discover content products and services that are offered by us or our advertising partners

Dövme Dizini

Our Worldwide Tattoo Directory contains the information of thousands of tattoo studios throughout the world.

We provide a system for tattoo studio owners to claim their own listings and add their own content and information to keep it up to date.

We add studios not already present in our directory when we find them as well as providing simple ways for registered users to add their own studios quickly and easily.

We offer featured listings which appear higher in the search results and we also offer advertising packages for studios to be featured elsewhere in the forum.

The individual studio listings contain the facility to show their tattoo artists who are registered on the forum alongside their listings.

We provide a review system for studio customers to leave reviews on the listings.

We also provide a contact form for people to be able to contact studios directly.

The Tattoo Store

We provide a Marketplace called The Tattoo Store which can include products from affiliates or individual vendors.

This store provides a platform for Tattoo Studios to list their branded items for sale as well as providing a marketplace style facility for any product vendors to signup and sell their products on our site.

Global Access

We aim to provide global access to services and to do this we provide both a distributed hosting system to store data in data centers around the world and we also include a translation plugin which aims to auto translate all of the website content into the local language of the person viewing it.

Your data may be sent to any of these data centers in order to be able to provide the best experience possible.

This infrastructure may be operated or controlled by The Tattoo Forum or its affiliates.

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