Ahojte všetci,

I thought I would take a look at some tattoo forums to get some advice about my first ever tattoo. My boyfriend also has quite a few so he has given me a few pointers too.

Firstly the area where I want to get this piece done is on the front of my thigh and would be in the middle and be of a small/medium size.
Is this a good area/size for a first tattoo.

Secondly I have a pretty low pain thresh hold, lets just say I yelped when I had my nose pierced pretty pathetic I know. Do many tattoo artists use topical/numbing cream? Would you say the pain is unbearable (I realize different pains for different people) but just wanted to know according to people’s experiences.

Thirdly the design for a tattoo that I would like is a little like Megan Massacre’s pet portraits. I basically want my cat in a frame in colournot too cartoony as I want the fur and texture to show. The difference is I want him with some snorkeling goggles on his head and wearing boxing gloves as he liked to swim and he liked a good fight (If I can handle this I would like a similar style tattoo for my dog on the other thigh). I had a look at a couple of artists and have a few in mind. The area I am look for is in the UK preferably in Hertfordshire or London but I can always travel, If you know of anyone that you think would be a good fit, or if you are a good fit I would love to hear about it.

Thanks very much guys, I am a complete noob to this (You probably get these posts all the time) so any tips and advice would be great


I have seen mixed results with numbing creams and would not recommend them. Try Silvia Zed @Shall Adore Kliknite tu


part of having a tattoo IMO is earning it through the pain,

BTW,it’s easy to control it in your head.

try this before you go get the tattoo,and during,

1)pre-hydrate the day before
2)get a good nights sleep
3)eat a good meal before the tattoo(quality food,nothing greasy)
4)bring a couple bottles of water and some candy like skittles,M&M’s,jelly beans,atď,etc keep your electrolytes up during the tattoo
5)during the tattoo put yourself somewhere pleasant in your head,you can control the pain
6)relax during the tattoo,make sure you are sitting or laying comfortably

you will be fine 🙂 don’t over think the process in the days leading up to the tattoo

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Id actually suggest not getting a small piece on your thigh. Front of the thigh is a nice broad spot for larger work. But if you dont plan on getting tattooed frequently till you run out of room, ísť na to.