Have any of you ever seen someone walking past you with either more ink, or ink in places that you would love to get but can’t cause of work reasons(шея, hands, и т.п.), or just absolutely top notch work and you find yourself a little jealous?

I mean I love what I have but I think this is probably a fairly common occurrence.

КАКИЕ-НИБУДЬ МЫСЛИ? I would love to hear you’re guys opinions. 🙁


i was in this exact spot for a while. I REALLY wanted to get my hands done, but just couldnt bring myself to do it because i was not sure where i was headed in life. I would often search on google and bmezine for hand tattoos, which just fueled my urge to get them done.

Recently tho, i realized the career fields im interested in are not going to care too much about tattoos showing, so i took the plunge. My Right hand is done and my left hand has its linework done and will be coloured soon. I do realize i may run into problems in certain situations such as funerals or other conservative events, but im prepared to deal with it when it comes.

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All the time! My main jealousy stems from not being able to afford any more tattoos while I see people walking around fully inked.


I see really large tattoos and get jealous mostly becasuse i wish i had the courage to do it too.


i get really envious when i see someone with work from shige! 🙁

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i am going through the same experience as you Ross. i am currently in my career and they don’t care if I have my hands done or not. I look up hand tattoos every night the only thing is I have zero support from family and friends(heavily tattooed themselves). Ill eventually dive in and get them done soon enough.



Jobs that don’t care about hand tattoos…Хмм…