Эй, ребята,

    В следующем месяце я буду иметь другую татуировку. I want graphic very similar of this site`s logo . I know it´s strange, но так как я играть в азартные игры я наткнулся на этот сайт, и он просто ударил меня, так как я думал о чем-то подобном:) I am not addicted in any way but this is my hobby for a long time and tattoo related to gambling would be nice.
    Так, my first idea is a tattoo of that casino guru guy face. Is better colorful or black-white version?



    Мне нравится твоя идея, now I am also thinking about having a tattoo like casino. I also like to play gambling games on https://icasinoreviews.info/ Веб-сайт. I am addicted to those games and it is really very hard for me to resist myself by playing games over there every day. I love to play casino games online and after reading your post, I am thinking about having gambling tattoo on my back.

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