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То, что происходит в мире татуировок? Двадцать второй татуировки Новости января!

The world of tattoo news It's that time of the week where we bring you all the latest in the world of tattoos! With January (un)officially being the longest month of the year, we hope this tattoo news will power you through. Tattoo removal programme to help inmates start over Calfornia have made tattoo news this week for their gesture

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Each year we are happy to say that tattoos are becoming more the norm and a little bit lessdisgracefulas stated by our grandparents on numerous occasions. There have been some great tattoo stories this year, some happy and others damn right weird. Some of these stories include crimminal crybaby, girl gets a Tesco

5 удивительные идеи подарка купить для татуировщика

Easy and awesome Christmas gift ideas for a tattoo artist! Christmas is almost here and for those of you who haven’t yet started buying gifts, we are here to help. с 6 удивительные идеи подарка купить для татуировщика (which we can almost guarantee they’ll love!) Including humorous gifts and useful ones too.

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Malaysian Tattoo Convention Mayhem Malaysia’s recent tattoo convention has left Malaysian officials have been outraged over the convention. Ethnic Malay Muslims make up around 62% of the countries population. Malaysian authorities have said that they had not granted permission for “half naked parades”. This came to light as many of the attendees at the tattoo

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Татуировка Новости 28 ноября

The meaning of Selena’s new tattoo Selena Gomez has recently debuted a new thigh tattoo of a pair of praying hands. This piece is nicely detailed and has rosary beads hanging off the wrists. The tattoo was spotted in an Instagram post. Which features a collection of polaroid photos, where Selena is celebrating her day

Татуировка Новости 14 ноября 2019

Царски хорошая татуировка! Новая выставка пройдет в Букингемском дворце 2020, показывает, что дневники короля Георга V на самом деле была татуировка дракона и тигра на его руках. Король Георг V был король Соединенного Королевства и Доминиканской Республики. Наряду става императора Индии. The actual photographs of

Halloween Новости татуировки | 31 октября издание

Halloween Новости татуировки

Happy Halloween tattoo news fans! Here’s the latest and greatest tattoo news from the last 7 (иш) дней. Amsterdam hosts it’s 15th international tattoo convention Recently, thousands of people attended Amsterdam’s 15th International Tattoo Convention. Many people attended to get new ink from their favourite artists, found a chance to meet their favourite artist and