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    4 mins) I have a new 1 on my wrist I know it may sound silly but I just got a tattoo 1 week an 3 zile în urmă, and it’s on the bottom side of my wrist. I sat under a uv light lamp, and unfortunately my tattoo was exposed-totally forgot 🙁 It was oly for 4 mins, and I was wondering can that short amount of time cause damage to my tattoo? I know youre supposed to stay away from tanning beds and such…..


    I don’t feel your tattoo was healed enough to go to those filthy dirty nail salons. I sure hope you cleaned your tattoo very well after that. I don’t think those drying table lights will affect the tattoojust what ever bacteria and fungus you picked up while getting your manicure.

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    just add extra lotion, it could dry it out. you will want to make sure you add sunblock to your new tat. even if you arent going to be laying in the sun UV rays still damage skin and will damage the tat more. (you are actually supposed to wear sunblock all the time, who does that? so get a lotion that has aloe in it and apply some sunblock just to your tat)

    sharp shorty

    UV light is a tattoos worst enemy, it will fade even from the slightest exposure. That’s why laser removal works so well.


    Yes it can, that is unnatural light that is bad for your skin in general. Cover your tattoo, you should’t even expose it directly while it’s healing since that can fade it that much faster. Keep it covered from now on, a little bit wont do damage but keep the proccess of your tattoo and even after it’s healed in mind while in the sun or in any kind of UV ray accepting position.


    da, the UV rays can cause them to fade. Some tanning salons sell special products that you can cover your tattoo with to protect it. Otherwise a chapstick with spf in it works the same. That’s basically what those products are.


    I don’t no but nail polish smells so nice.Savlons good for tats.

    Michael A

    i dont have a tat but my other half does and she is told to cover it everytime she goes tanning so i guess if shes told too there must some reason behind it.


    Ya, you might want to wait until your tattoo is fully healed before you go, the guy who did mine reccommended I stay away from tanning beds for a month.

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