I had this tattoo (link below) feito 4 days ago in memory of my father who died recently. As you can see the line work is quite shaky (the young lady was an apprentice I believe and yes, I know I should have asked to see her work beforehand-its the only time I have not done so. Lesson learned). The owner of the studio has agreed to touch up the tattoo in about a month once it has healed but

Would making the lines thicker ruin the piece completely? Any suggestions on how I can make it look better would be greatly appreciated. I have considered covering up the wings with more elaborate ones but I don’t want it to end up looking a like a bruise.

Thank you kindly.

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Do you have a full pic of the tattoo it is hard to see how thickening the lines will affect it from a close up


Even checking their work, if you accept a tattoo from an apprentice you kinda just have to accept it’s probably not going to be anything spectacular, if you want good work go to a fully fledged and experienced artist with a good reputation and solid portfolio. Maybe you should just live with it?


I’ve seen (much) worse. inferno, I HAVE much worse! It’s not all that bad and certainly should wait at least a month before touchups. Was your father perfect? I’d let the imperfections in the tattoo represent his.


Eh, thicker lines won’t do much good. Doing them better however, probably would. Straighten out detail, get some shades going on in there to clean it up and even out the lines, done by a GOOD artist, it could turn out good.


Hi there everyone, apologies for the late reply.

The tattoo is now three weeks old and with the healing process the uneven line work is not as noticeable, in fact even I can barely see it. Mas…It still isn’t as I had hoped. I do appreciate your comments and do agree that my father was far, far from perfect. Além disso, yes seeing as though she was an apprentice I should have been a bit more open minded to any potential mishaps. Maybe you are right, it’s a lesson learned and maybe I should just live with it? ri muito!