For my aftercare, I’m using tattoo goo starting on the 3rd day and continue to use for 3 para 5 dias (twice a day after gentle washing and on dry skin)
After that I switched to Aveeno Moisturizing Body lotion


I use a tattoo lotion for my after care.


Has anyone “dry healed” a tattoo? My artist said to do so so I only washed it with some soap and let it air dry. I feel like I fucked up and my tattoo is going to fade. I have two more and I always put aquaphor after the first wash but I didn’t think time and I’m so scared I’ll need a touch up and I’m embarrassed to even go back because I know how important aftercare is and I’ll feel like I offended the artist if it fades. Just all running through my head


Oi, so I just got a amazing piece done on my calf nothing to big. hand sized to be in fact. and my place uses this bandage that is used for burn victims. and they say u can leave it on for as long as you need. but they never said to keep it out of the sunlight. so how long is the preferred time frame to keep it out of the sun? I got it in April 10


Oi, I have a doubt. I have a tattoo for a long time that I would like to eliminate. I have been looking for different clinics that delete tattoos and looking for information about it. Does anyone have experience in this matter? Obrigado.



Hi I’m on day 8 of my new tattoo how lighter should I expect this too go? And is this scabbing bad?

Not best photos